How To Make Dog House For Street Dogs

5 min read Jul 11, 2024
How To Make Dog House For Street Dogs

Providing Shelter for Street Dogs: How to Build a Simple Dog House

Street dogs face harsh elements and lack basic necessities. Providing them with a safe and warm shelter can significantly improve their lives. Building a dog house is a compassionate and rewarding act that can make a real difference. Here's a guide on how to build a simple dog house for street dogs:


  • Wood: Choose weather-resistant wood like cedar or pine.
  • Plywood: For the roof and floor.
  • Screws: For assembling the structure.
  • Nails: For securing the plywood.
  • Paint or stain: To protect the wood and provide a finished look.
  • Roofing shingles: For the roof (optional).
  • Insulation: For added warmth (optional).
  • Dog bed: For comfort.


  • Saw: For cutting wood.
  • Drill: For drilling pilot holes before screwing.
  • Hammer: For hammering nails.
  • Measuring tape: For accurate measurements.
  • Level: For ensuring the structure is level.

Building Steps:

  1. Plan and Design:

    • Determine the size of the dog house based on the size of the dog.
    • Decide on the shape and style. A simple rectangular design is easiest to build.
    • Consider adding a raised floor for insulation and better drainage.
  2. Construct the Frame:

    • Cut the wood according to your design and measurements.
    • Use screws to join the pieces together, creating the walls and base.
    • Ensure the frame is sturdy and square.
  3. Add the Floor and Roof:

    • Cut and attach plywood to the base for the floor.
    • Cut plywood for the roof and attach it to the frame.
    • For a more durable roof, use roofing shingles.
  4. Insulation and Weatherproofing:

    • If using insulation, secure it to the walls and ceiling.
    • Seal any cracks or gaps with caulk to prevent drafts.
    • Apply paint or stain to the exterior of the house for protection.
  5. Entryway:

    • Cut an entrance hole in one of the walls, making sure it's large enough for the dog to comfortably enter.
    • Consider adding a flap or awning over the entrance for added protection.
  6. Finishing Touches:

    • Place a dog bed inside for comfort.
    • Consider placing the dog house in a sheltered spot, away from direct sunlight and rain.
    • Ensure the dog house is raised slightly off the ground for better drainage.

Important Considerations:

  • Size: The dog house should be large enough for the dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Safety: Use non-toxic paint or stain and make sure there are no sharp edges that could injure the dog.
  • Placement: Choose a location that is sheltered from wind, rain, and extreme sun.
  • Maintenance: Regularly clean and repair the dog house as needed.

By building a dog house for street dogs, you are providing them with a much-needed haven, improving their quality of life and offering them a place to feel safe and protected.