How To Make A Dog House In Minecraft Easy

4 min read Jul 11, 2024
How To Make A Dog House In Minecraft Easy

How to Make a Dog House in Minecraft (Easy)

Looking to give your furry friend a cozy place to rest in your Minecraft world? Building a dog house is easier than you think! Follow this simple guide to create a comfy shelter for your canine companion.

Materials You'll Need:

  • Wood: Any type of wood will do, but oak or spruce are readily available.
  • Door: A wooden door is essential for entry and exit.
  • Bed: A bed (any type) will give your dog a soft place to sleep.
  • Food Bowl: A bowl of bones or other food will make your dog happy.
  • Optional: A fence, torches, or decorations to make your dog house more unique!


  1. Choose a Location: Pick a spot for your dog house. It should be relatively flat and away from any dangerous areas.
  2. Build the Base: Create a rectangular base out of wood planks. The size depends on your preference, but a 3x3 block base is a good starting point.
  3. Add Walls: Build walls around the base, using wood planks or other materials. Make sure the walls are tall enough for your dog to comfortably stand inside.
  4. Add a Roof: Place a roof over the dog house. You can use a simple flat roof or a more elaborate design with angled sides.
  5. Add a Door: Place a door on one of the walls to give your dog access.
  6. Furnish the Interior: Place a bed inside for your dog to sleep on. You can also add a bowl of bones or food for them to enjoy.
  7. Decorate (Optional): Add some decorations to personalize your dog house. A fence around the exterior, torches for lighting, or even a small garden will enhance the design.


  • Experiment with different designs: Get creative! Try different materials, shapes, and sizes to make your dog house unique.
  • Use commands to spawn a dog: If you don't have a dog in your world, you can use the command /summon wolf to spawn one.
  • Have fun! Building a dog house in Minecraft is a fun and rewarding experience!

By following these simple steps, you can create a cozy and stylish dog house for your furry friend in no time! Remember, the most important thing is that your dog has a safe and comfortable place to rest in your Minecraft world. Let your creativity shine and have fun building!