How To Make A Dog Bed Cover Without Sewing

4 min read Jul 11, 2024
How To Make A Dog Bed Cover Without Sewing

How to Make a Dog Bed Cover Without Sewing

Do you want to give your furry friend a cozy and stylish bed, but don't have the time or skills for sewing? Don't worry! You can create a great-looking dog bed cover without ever touching a needle and thread.

Here's a simple and effective method using materials you probably already have at home:


  • Old T-shirt or Blanket: Choose a material that is comfortable and washable. Cotton or fleece are good options.
  • Scissors: For cutting the fabric.
  • Measuring Tape: To measure the dog bed.
  • Safety Pins or Fabric Glue: To secure the cover.


  1. Measure your dog bed: Measure the length, width, and height of your dog's bed.
  2. Cut the fabric: Cut your chosen fabric to the dimensions you measured, leaving extra room for overlap and tucking. For a standard-sized dog bed, you'll likely need a fabric piece that's about 2-3 inches larger than the bed's dimensions on all sides.
  3. Secure the fabric:
    • Using Safety Pins: Fold the fabric edges inward to create a clean finish. Then, use safety pins to secure the fabric around the bed, tucking in the excess fabric at the corners.
    • Using Fabric Glue: Apply a thin line of fabric glue along the edges of the fabric, folding the edges inward as you go. Let the glue dry completely before placing your dog on the bed.
  4. Adjust and personalize: Once the fabric is secure, adjust it to fit snugly around the dog bed. You can also add extra embellishments like buttons, ribbons, or patches to personalize your dog's new bed cover.

Additional Tips:

  • Use a thicker fabric for durability: If you have a dog who loves to chew, choose a thicker fabric like denim or canvas for your cover.
  • Pre-wash the fabric: Wash and dry the fabric before using it to prevent shrinkage.
  • Change the cover frequently: Wash the cover regularly to keep it fresh and clean.

Enjoy your new no-sew dog bed cover! Your furry friend will love the comfort and style of their new bed, and you'll enjoy the satisfaction of creating it yourself without the hassle of sewing.

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