How To Make A Dog Bed Cover With Velcro

5 min read Jul 11, 2024
How To Make A Dog Bed Cover With Velcro

How to Make a Dog Bed Cover with Velcro: A Simple DIY Guide

Do you love your dog's bed but hate the constant washing of the cover? Or maybe you just want to add some personalized flair to their sleeping spot. This DIY project is for you! Learn how to make a removable and washable dog bed cover with velcro, ensuring easy cleaning and a cozy haven for your furry friend.

Materials You'll Need:

  • Fabric: Choose a fabric that's durable, washable, and comfortable for your dog. Consider cotton, fleece, or even waterproof material for accidents.
  • Velcro: Get enough velcro tape to go around the perimeter of your dog bed. Make sure it's strong enough for the size and weight of your dog.
  • Sewing Machine: You'll need a sewing machine and basic sewing supplies like thread, pins, and scissors.
  • Measuring Tape: For accurately measuring your dog bed.
  • Iron: For pressing seams and giving the cover a finished look.


  1. Measure Your Dog Bed: Using the measuring tape, take accurate measurements of the length, width, and height of your dog bed. Add an extra inch or two to each measurement for seam allowance.
  2. Cut Fabric: Cut two pieces of fabric according to your measurements. These will be the top and bottom pieces of the cover.
  3. Attach Velcro: Sew the velcro tape around the perimeter of both fabric pieces. Make sure the hook side of the velcro is facing outward on both pieces.
  4. Sew the Cover: Place the two fabric pieces right sides together. Sew all the way around, leaving a small opening for turning.
  5. Turn and Finish: Carefully turn the cover right side out through the opening you left. Press the edges of the opening with an iron, then hand-stitch the opening closed.


  • Choose the Right Fabric: Consider your dog's needs when selecting fabric. For example, if your dog is prone to accidents, choose a waterproof material. For a warm and cozy bed, fleece is a great option.
  • Double Check Velcro Placement: Make sure the velcro is securely attached and that the hook and loop sides are facing outward on both pieces. This will ensure easy attachment and removal.
  • Wash and Dry: Before attaching the cover to your dog bed, wash and dry the fabric to prevent shrinking or color bleeding.

Congratulations! You now have a custom-made dog bed cover that's easy to remove and wash. Not only will it keep your dog comfortable, but it'll also keep their sleeping area clean and fresh. You can personalize the cover even further by adding decorative touches, such as embroidery or patches. Let your creativity flow and make a unique bed for your furry friend!

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