How To Build A Simple Dog House Out Of Pallets

5 min read Jul 11, 2024
How To Build A Simple Dog House Out Of Pallets

Building a Simple Dog House from Pallets

Tired of your furry friend shivering in the cold? Building a dog house from pallets is a great way to provide a cozy and affordable shelter for your canine companion. It's a fun weekend project that will leave you feeling accomplished and your dog warm and happy. Here's a step-by-step guide:


  • Pallets: You'll need at least two pallets, ideally in good condition. Check with local businesses or online marketplaces for free pallets.
  • Wood screws: Choose screws that are long enough to securely attach the pallet pieces.
  • Safety Glasses: Always wear safety glasses when working with wood.
  • Measuring tape: For accurate measurements and cuts.
  • Circular saw or jigsaw: For cutting the pallets to size.
  • Hammer: For securing any loose pieces.
  • Sandpaper: For smoothing rough edges and splinters.
  • Paint or stain: Optional, for adding color and protection to the wood.
  • Roofing felt: To help waterproof the roof.
  • Shingles: Optional, for a more aesthetically pleasing roof.
  • Dog bed or blanket: To provide a comfortable resting place for your furry friend.


1. Clean and Disassemble Pallets: Remove any staples, nails, or debris from the pallets. Carefully disassemble the pallets, making sure to keep the boards in good condition.

2. Design and Measure: Decide on the size of your dog house based on your dog's size. Measure and mark the pallet boards for cutting.

3. Cut the Pallet Boards: Using a circular saw or jigsaw, carefully cut the pallet boards to your desired size. Ensure your cuts are straight and clean.

4. Build the Frame: Start by attaching two long pallet boards to form the base of the dog house. Connect them using wood screws. Add two shorter pallet boards to create the walls, securing them to the base.

5. Add the Roof: Cut two pallet boards to create the roof supports. Attach them to the top of the walls. Cut additional pallet boards to create the roof panels and attach them to the supports.

6. Add Roofing: Lay down a layer of roofing felt over the roof panels. This will protect the wood and keep out rain. Optionally, apply shingles for a more finished look.

7. Finish Touches: Sand down any rough edges or splinters. Consider adding a door opening by cutting a section out of the front wall and attaching hinges. Paint or stain the dog house for added protection and aesthetics.

8. Add Comfort: Place a dog bed or blanket inside the dog house to provide a comfortable resting spot for your furry friend.


  • Safety First: Always wear safety glasses and gloves when working with wood.
  • Check for Sharp Edges: Inspect the finished dog house for any sharp edges and sand them down for safety.
  • Think about Ventilation: Consider adding small vents to the roof or walls for proper ventilation.
  • Personalize: Decorate the dog house to your liking with paint, stencils, or even a nameplate for your dog.

By following these simple steps, you can create a safe, cozy, and stylish dog house for your furry friend. And remember, a little extra effort and love will go a long way in making your dog happy and comfortable!