Bella Ryan

Daycare Leader

Bella came to Barkney Wick after setting up and running her own extremely popular dog daycare centre based at her home in Stoke Newington.  

Bella has extensive experience working with dogs of a variety of sizes, ages and temperaments.  Before em-barking on a full time position caring for pups, Bella held office and production roles.  She made the switch to caring for dogs to finally follow her passion.  Bella is an all-round animal lover and firmly believes in socialising dogs from a young age to provide them with confidence, teach them about the world we live in and how they should react to everyday normal events. 


Georgina Bleza

Pup Trainer

After growing up with horses and dogs, Georgie caught the training bug while living in New York in 2007, volunteering for the ASPCA.

After moving back to the UK Georgie studied with the IMDT, The School of Canine Science, British College of Canine Studies, Educating animals, TTouch and many more. She worked on the behaviour team at Battersea dogs home for 3 years and regularly attends seminars, workshops and courses to keep up with the latest developments and continually expand her knowledge.

During her career she has specialised in assistance training, trick training, multi species, rescue rehabilitation and puppy training.

She is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and her methods are science and reward based. She believes the best results come from kindness and trust.

James Hall

Assistant Caregiver and Dog Walker

James’ experience includes working for LADRA dog rescue in Mexico and providing home-boarding care assistance for up to 26 dogs at a time.  

James is extremely experienced in looking after the general welfare of dogs; walking, socialising, training, feeding and administering medication.  Formerly an assistant dog groomer at ‘Grrs 2 Prrs’ in Market Harborough, James is also adept at practising calming through positive re-enforcement

Caregiver to Monty, animal advocate and all-round animal lover.

Charlotte Ayley-Poulter

Assistant Caregiver and Dog Walker

Charlotte joined Barkney Wick after setting up and running her own dog walking business.  

Charlotte has always been a dog lover, having been a carer for dogs all her life, with breeds ranging through labradors, boxers, springer spaniels, Staffordshire bull terriers, German shepherds and bulldogs.

Fai West

Assistant Caregiver and Dog Walker

Fai has underken Barkney Wick in-house training with mydogtraining.co.uk

She is an experienced dog carer and full-time caregiver to Hackney Wick local pup, Goose as well as an animal advocate and all-round animal lover.

Andraea Posnett

Student Placement Assistant Dog Walker and Caregiver

Growing up surrounded by animals, Andraea has joined the Barkney team to learn and care more for the dogs of London. Andraea is a full time caregiver to Hackney Wick local pup, Nava and is an animal advocate and all-round animal lover.

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